RIPAMCO is the acronym of Riceland Paradise Multi-Purpose Cooperative. Their office is located in Barangay Benliw, Ubay, Bohol. Their existence is very significant to the local community of Benliw. They produce ready to drink milk products such as Fresh Milk, Mango Milk and Chocolate Flavored-Milk and Bath Soap which uses 100% Pure Carabao’s milk in the process. Soap products include Pure Milk Soap, Milk Soap with Honey, Milk Soap with Carrot Extract, Milk Soap with Lemon Extract and Milk Soap with Papaya Extract.

     Paradise Pure Carabao Milk

How can we benefit the coop’s product?
There are many benefits you can get when you drink pure carabao’s milk. According to studies, Carabao’s milk is more beneficial than with Cow’s and Goat’s according to It was said that Carabao produces thicker and creamier milk due to a higher content of fat and protein compared to cow’s and goat’s milk. It has fifty-eight percent more calcium than cows, forty percent more protein than of cows and forty-three percent less cholesterol than that of cow’s milk. With the components incorporated in RIPAMCO’s milk drinks, one can say it is beneficial and not just in one’s body but also for the community. With every product they release to the market, they are also promoting the local talents and resources of the barangay. Product Information of products under Riceland Paradise Multi-Purpose Cooperative can be view in our Shop/Products section. With above information, anyone would think to try and explore more on the cooperative, how it works, what are the implementing rules and regulations in running a cooperative and so on. I would suggest that you visit the site to experience the tranquil and beauty the barangay offers. If you are wondering about how to invest in a cooperative and learn its governing principles, kindly visit their blog. There is useful information available which you can consider as a reference in planning to invest and/or join.

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