Why is Carabao Milk Good?

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Pure Carabao Milk
Carabao Milk is good because it contains 58% more calcium, 40% more protein and 43% less cholesterol than cows and goats milk. Carabao’s are feed with locally grown grass thus consider it as organic. Grasses does not need fertilizers and any other chemicals for them to grow. Carabao milk is more nutritious and has higher butterfat content than that of cows and goats. Carabao’s milk is good for diabetic individuals because it contains minimal sugars which can easily be converted to energy.
Content of Carabao Milk
Carabao Milk is also a good source of mineral like magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. These minerals present most milk can also be found in plants and other sources such as whole wheat, dark and leafy vegetables, almonds, squash, potates (sweet), beans and nuts. Although these minerals can be found in plant, it is still beneficial if you can get it in Carabao Milk, if not Cows or Goats. Our product Paradise Pure Carabao Fresh Milk contains Pure Carabao Milk – carefully process to retains its vitamins and mineral content. 

Higher butterfat content is important in processing of dairy products that requires high butterfat and in soap making. In soap making, the hardness and the softness of the soap is very dependent on the content fat present in the raw material used, in this area – it’s the Milk. Addition of Pure Carabao Milk in your favorite soap gives your skin an intense moisturizing effect. Pure Carabao Milk is already incorporated in our Paradise Pure Carabao Milk Soap as the base or main ingredient. 

Processing of milk for fresh milk distribution requires careful planning and execution for it can harm the health of the consumers once there are malpractice happens. Why? Milk is consumable and everyone is susceptible to bacteria and other harmful effects once goood manufacturing practices is not followed.

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