Paradise Pure Carabao Milk Soap with Papaya Extract


Paradise Pure Carabao Fresh Milk with Papaya Extract is designed for individuals who are always on the lookout for Papaya based products which can help them attain lighter, brighter and smoother skin. It can also help treat a pimple and acne breakouts by minimizing the scar appearance. The product is made from Pure Carabao’s Milk and selected premium quality of Papaya.

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Paradise Pure Carabao Milk Soap with Papaya Extract
Milk and Papaya combine produces a soap that can help treat skin problems without spending much on the price. Papaya and Milk both improves skin complexion and refines pores, thus giving it a smooth, younger-looking skin. Milk, especially carabao milk is known to contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (commonly known as AHA). AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids along with other acids like malic or citric can help soothe inflamed skin. It also acts as an exfoliant. Papaya, on the other hand, has Papain, an enzyme known to promote skin renewal, revealing a newer, fresher smooth skin.

Carabao Milk plus Papaya – produces our Paradise Pure Carabao Milk Soap with Papaya Extract. Milk Soap with papaya extract is produced to help individuals, especially, younger ones and mothers, help them with improved skin complexion, and correct rough, dry pores and signs of aging. With the use of Milk soap with papaya extract, the scars due to acne break out, pimples due to puberty can be treated and minimized if not eliminated. Depending on the skin type, you can see the difference if your skin when used continuously.

Papaya fruit alone is good already in treating pimple and acne breakouts. The leaves of papaya are crush and used as a scrub to help attain fairer skin in the rural areas where papaya soap is too costly for them. I have seen some of the teenagers use it too, and it got me curious so I tried scrubbing the crushed green leaves. It doesn’t work for me and I don’t know why. That is why crushed green leaves of papaya used as scrub very dependent on the skin type and the person itself.

Milk, on the other hand, has its own wonders and I can say, it is very costly if you use pure milk as your bath soap to attain finer, smooth and refined skin. Using Paradise Pure Carabao Milk Soap with Papaya Extract saves you from spending too much.


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