Paradise Pure Carabao Milk Soap with Honey


Pure Carabao Milk and Honey is produced, packed and distributed by Riceland Paradise Multi-Purpose Cooperative. It contains 100% Carabao Milk and a Premium Honey which is suitable for all skin types. It’s ideal for teenage who has undergone puberty stage where acne and other skin problems surfaced.

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Paradise Pure Carabao Milk Soap with Honey

Pure Carabao Milk and Honey combine produces soap that can help you even out skin tone, address rough, oily and flaky skin. The moisturizers present in the carabao milk plus the natural antioxidants present in Honey makes a powerful combination. This combination is present in our Paradise Pure Carabao Milk Soap with Honey.

Pure Carabao Milk is said to be thicker and creamier compared to Cows and Goats milk due to high butterfat content. Higher butterfat is linked to products in which the content is a determining factor if the milk is of quality. The butterfat content of milk is said to be important if your manufacturing soap products which use Milk as the main ingredient since the hardness and the softness of the soap depend largely on the fat content of milk.

Honey, on the other hand, is known for its antibacterial property. According to studies, Premium Honey can also address dry and flaky skin. Honey is used to treat acne and other skin problems and improve complexion. It contains antioxidants which help the skin slows down the aging process thereby gives you vibrant and younger looking skin. Ancient people who belong to the upper-class use Honey as one of their beauty regimen in caring for their skin.
Honey can either be used as treatment internal or externally, depending on what you want to correct imperfections. There are numerous lists on advantages of Honey, and several uses, sometimes there is a limited supply. The Honey we use as an ingredient in our soap is of high quality, thus, you can be assured that the product you are using is of quality. You can use the soap on sensitive skin; it is tested and passed the specifications set by the Food and Drug Administration.



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