Paradise Pure Carabao Milk Soap with Carrot Extract


Paradise Pure Carabao Milk Soap with Carrot Extract is formulated and prepared by the volunteers of Riceland Paradise Multi-Purpose Cooperative. The ingredients used are organic, thus no animal is hurt during the process. It contains the natural ingredients found in Carabao Milk and locally harvested carrots, making it an organic product. The makers are trained by the Department of Trade and Industry, supported by the Philippine Carabao Center.

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Paradise Pure Carabao Milk Soap with Carrot Extract
Carrots are known for its beta-carotene, an antioxidant which can be converted to Vitamin when consumed. Vitamin A is good for the eyesight. In fact, nowadays, if you produce products for human consumption, you should at least follow the required content of Vitamin A in your so that the Food and Drug Administration will allow and grant you Certificate of Product Registration – to ensure the public that the products you sell are fit for human consumption.

Carrots are one ingredient in the soap making are considered organic, meaning it is produced in a natural setting following the natural process, not genetically modified (GMO). You already know the benefits if we include carrots in our daily meals. But, did you know that carrots are good at maintaining healthy skin? As we all know it has beta-carotene, an antioxidant which is converted to Vitamin A when stored inside the body. The Vitamin A inside the body helps repair skin tissue damaged by sun’s harmful rays, damaging environment among others.

Milk, on the other hand, has plenty of benefits not just when taken orally; it has also numerous benefits if it is used externally. One is: Milk contains moisturizers which help address the rough, flaky skin. Among all milk produced from Mammals, Carabao Milk stands out. Why? Carabao Milk has higher milk fat content, thus it’s creamier and thicker. It also contains higher calcium percentage, higher protein content, and less cholesterol than that of Cows and Goats.
Carrots are carefully selected and processed to get the best benefit it offers. Your favorite Carabao Milk Soap is added with Carrot extract to give the benefits of the raw carrots fresh from harvest. It helps treat acne and other skin problems thus give your skin healthy and vibrant. As a tip, before purchasing soap, look for the facts on the label, these will guide you in purchasing a more beneficial product. Buy Paradise Pure Carabao Milk Soap with Carrot Extract and tell us why you like it.


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