Paradise Pure Carabao Milk – Mango Flavor


Paradise Pure Carabao Milk – Mango Flavor is made from high quality selected mango locally grown and harvested in the community. Mango Fruit used is all organic. Carabao Milk on the other is equally produced in a clean, and controlled area, thus giving you the assurance that our product is safe for our consumption.

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Paradise Pure Carabao Milk – Mango Flavor has 3 variants to choose from; 1 Liter, 330ml, and 250ml.
Mango Milk as we fondly call our Paradise Pure Carabao Milk with Mango Flavor is in a small size of 250ml cater individual who wants to experience the taste of Carabao Milk and our locally harvested Mango on the go. It is carefully formulated to retain the texture and freshness of naturally-ripe mango blended in the carabao milk. Individuals who travel on light or on backpack usually want a drink that can be placed inside back or side pockets in their backpack.

Pure Carabao Milk contains higher butterfat content which is illustrated in below charts. Mango, on the other hand, contains vitamins and minerals needed in the body. With Carabao Milk, you get as high as fifty-eight percent more calcium, forty percent more protein, and forty-three percent less cholesterol than Cows and Goats milk. Mango, as a natural flavor enhancer added also contains fiber, potassium, vitamins A, C and E. Mangoes aids in digestion due to its fiber content, clears the skin due to its Vitamin C and E content and promotes eye health.

Combination of Pure Carabao Milk and Mango is a power packed healthy drink which can give your body vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed. This drink is much better over any other drink which contains a high dose of sugar. Paradise Pure Carabao Milk – Mango Flavor is locally produced and the ingredients used in the formulation are naturally-grown and harvested in the same area where the Mango milk is produced. Paradise Pure Carabao Milk – Mango Flavor is FDA registered thus, your safety is already secured.

Thus, every penny earned from the sales of the cooperative’s product helps them in realizing their mission, vision and goals in alleviating poverty by providing more support in terms of fertilizer inputs to farmers, acquire more farming equipment for rental to farmers and provide more jobs to the community.

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250 ML, 330 ML, 1 L


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