Paradise Pure Carabao Fresh Milk


Paradise Pure Carabao Fresh Milk is carefully process to retain is freshness and enjoy the full benefits of Carabao’s Milk.

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Milk as we all know contain vitamins and minerals which our body needs. Carabao Milk has higher levels of Protein, Calcium Lactose, Ash and low cholesterol even though it contains higher butterfat content. It has also better nutritional benefits over cow’s milk. It is also described as “the most complete food” and is even used in local government health programs to combat the increasing malnutrition in the country.
Paradise Pure Carabao Fresh Milk is produce from 100% pure carabao milk from the National Dairy Authority processed by the Philippine Carabao Center located in Ubay Stock Farm. This is the only product which are not produced in Riceland Paradise Multi-Purpose Cooperative building since, the processing needs careful planning, maintaining the required moisture and temperature in the process to better preserved its freshness and to attain the optimum shelf life of milk.
Paradise Pure Carabao Fresh Milk is processed and brought to Riceland Paradise Multi-Purpose Cooperative building after it has reached the stable stage for transportation. Although the processing is done in the Philippine Carabao Center, Riceland Paradise Multi-Purpose Cooperative personnel who handles the fresh milk production is present during processing, to make sure the process and controls are met. The product is sealed and is transported in a sealed container to prevent from in transit contamination.
Paradise Pure Carabao Fresh Milk has 3 variants to choose from; 250ml, 330ml and 1liter. We have chosen to have these three sizes to cater individuals who are always on the go and prefers to travel light, thus, the 250ml is suitable for this type. We have the 330ml size designed for individuals who have appetite more than our smallest size but not as large as our biggest size. We recommend the 1 liter for individuals who love fresh milk and cannot find content with our small sizes.
Grab one now and enjoy the fresh taste!

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250 ML, 330 ML, 1 L


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