Certificates and Licences (RIPAMCO)

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Legalities – Riceland Paradise Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Legal Papers)

Riceland Paradise Multi-Purpose Cooperative is duly registered with Cooperative Authority (CDA). Cooperative Development Authority is the lead government agency mandated by virtue of Republic Act No. 9520 ((Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008) to promote the viability and growth of Philippine Cooperatives, the only agency that registers cooperatives. The Primary objective of a cooperative is to help improve the quality of life of its members.

Riceland Paradise Multi-Purpose Cooperative is a registered business with the Bureau of Internal Revenue and is not exempted with taxes. We are paying taxes regularly to avoid penalty which cost us much back then. And since we are generating income already it is already right to pay for what is fair and a contribution to the government.

Business Permits such as Barangay Business Clearance and Sanitary is issued to Riceland Paradise Multi-Purpose Cooperative (RIPAMCO) showing that our establishment passed the series of audits, findings and check ups. Business Permit is issued to Riceland Paradise Multi-Purpose Cooperative (RIPAMCO) after complying the requirements set by the Local Government of Ubay. 

Fire Safety Inspection Certificate is important to an establishment. The certificate is issued after the plant, facilities and personnel meets the requirement set by the Bureau of Fire. When an institution or organization’s building catches fire, it often results to injury, damage to the building and lost trust from a clientele. Putting in place a fire preparedness program ensures the client that whatever happens, their investment and property is protected and can be a key to help save lives, minimize injury and damage cause by fire. Thus, it is requirement for every business owner to process and obtain a Fire Safety Inspection Certificate and this should place in a conspicuous place so that everyone who see and visits the building can see the certificate.